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For in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner replacement and installation in the Oklahoma City area, we humbly invite you to choose A-Pro Services.  We'll take good care of you, with liners directly from America's best liner manufacturers. 

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   Even though some chlorine based shocks say that you can broadcast them without dissolving them in water, don't do it in a vinyl lined pool!  The granules can settle to the bottom and lay there, and the oxidation can cause crystallization of the liner.  It is pretty much the same as rust on metal.  You may not even notice it right away, and by the time you do, the damage is done.

    When you do mix chemicals, the water goes in the bucket first, and the mix should be stirred constantly.  Calcium, when wet and confined, can literally explode, and especially violently when mixed with other chemicals.

    Many years ago, I knew a man who nearly lost his arm when he poured shock in an automatic chlorinator to dissolve it.  He didn't even get the lid back on before the container exploded, sending plastic shrapnel all over the yard!  That shortcut didn't work out well for him.  They usually don't.



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