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For in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner replacement and installation in the Oklahoma City area, we humbly invite you to choose A-Pro Services.  We'll take good care of you, with liners directly from America's best liner manufacturers. 

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   Especially if you live in an area where there is a lot of calcium in the water, avoid using calcium based shock.  You can use bleach, instead - that's right, the cheap stuff.  Bleach is sodium hypochlorite, and works as an effective shock, without adding calcium to the water.  it is compatible with all chlorine based sanitizers, including salt systems.  It is much less harsh on your liner.

    An important part of making a liner last longer is to keep it clean.  Unfortunately, a lot of people quit taking care of the pool when they are finished using it for the year.  Leaves and sticks don't just stain the liner, they decompose, creating acid on the surface that makes the liner get brittle long before it's time!  If you are through using the pool for the season, put the safety cover on, even if it is not yet time to winterize.  You can take the cover back off  to winterize, and the liner will be much healthier for it.  Don't have a safety cover?  We sell those, you know!

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