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For in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner replacement and installation in the Oklahoma City area, we humbly invite you to choose A-Pro Services.  We'll take good care of you, with liners directly from America's best liner manufacturers. 

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   If your above ground pool has a flat bottom, and you have an overlap style liner, you can convert it to a beaded liner. Once you install the track, you won't ever have to take the top rails off again, so you have a whole lot more flexibility when it comes to decking. You do have to take the top rails off to install the track, which you would have to do to change the liner anyway.  But it will be the last time, and beaded liners are way easier to install.

You can't use a standard beaded liner if you have a deep area,  unless you have it custom made to your pool, as are in-ground liners.  Virtually all expandable liners for above ground pools are overlap liners.

   By the way, if you are installing a Doughboy Liner, do it their way for a perfect, wrinkle free fit.  On the other hand, if you are installing another brand, don't do it by Doughboy's directions, it will overstretch the liner, an it will not look very good, because the cheaper liners have less elasticity, and won't recover as well from being overstretched during installation.


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