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For in-ground vinyl swimming pool liner replacement and installation in the Oklahoma City area, we humbly invite you to choose A-Pro Services.  We'll take good care of you, with liners directly from America's best liner manufacturers. 

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    Most in-ground pools have vermiculite, sometimes called poolcrete on the bottom, When we mix vermiculite to repair the bottom of the pool, we add a little Dawn dish soap to the mix, to make the mix more fluid.  The soap also fills the gaps between the particles, to make the mixture stick to vertical surfaces, like the banks in the deep end, better.   It only takes a couple of squirts,  and even makes it easier to mix.  We use a large  bucket and a mixing paddle on a 1/2" drill for small jobs, and let the mix "slake" for a while before using it.  I have actually done the entire bottom of a 24x40 pool that way, but that was when I was a much younger man.  Now, my employee uses a large bucket and a ....

   There is a special, rounded trowel that is used, and, with a little practice, it is easier to make a smooth surface.  If you are just making a small patch on a solid surface, it can be difficult to make the patch without the edges showing, because the aggregate can only be spread so thin.  It helps to let it dry for a while, then use a soft broom or paint brush to feather the edges.

   Often, when the builder might not have done such a good job on the floor, it will be flakey and hollow, especially on the shallow end.  You might as well go ahead and fix it, because those flakes can become shards.  It's pretty tempting, in cases like that, to make your mix really thin and pour it over a large area, then trowel it very quickly.  You might want to resist that temptation, because that is likely how it got that way in the first place.  if you arent going to do it right, you might as well break out the loose stuff and just use masonry sand.   I have also known some people to use wall foam as a cushion,  but really. it's best just to do it right.


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